Our Companies

Papilo Football CLub Academy

Papilo academy was founded in 2000. it was established to groom young players and train them to become full grown pro footballers.

Papilo Studios

Papilo studios is a media agency brand, consisting of a photo studio, music recording studio, framing hub and printing hub.

AK Healthy Living

This platform was established to help every person that struggles with self image / esteem, weight gain and as a consequence, are apprehensive about their health.

Kanu Sports Tv

Kanu Online Sports Television (KSTV) is an online Sports television  which reports on  incisive stories, features and news about sports, sports men and sportswomen.

Kanu Sports Centre

Kanu Sports Centre  is a group of sports facilities. For example, there are track and field stadiums, a football pitch, swimming pools, and Tennis court.