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Kanu Online Sports Television (KSTV) as the orgasm of Sports Online will be a panacea for sustainable reportage and viewership. Through incisive stories, features and news KSTV will be the compendium needed by sportsmen, Sportswomen and enthusiasts to maximize their talents beyond the rhetoric of physical strength.

Kanu Online Sports Television will fill the vacuum left behind by wears and tears of years of aimless, cumbersome beating and running about in search of unfulfilled Sporting dreams.

KSTV as an Online Television Channel will create its own content and market to the growing number of individuals who would prefer turning to the internet for their television Sports entertainment.

Kanu Online Sports Television Channel in Nigeria is totally dedicated to Sports. It is therefore imperative that the Sports Online Television becomes the pathfinder in Nigeria. There is also no doubting the fact the name of the Founder, Kanu an international Sporting Legend will rub off on the brand.


Sports is a joyful, physical and emotional expression of creativity. It is a test against self and others. It has the ability to change lives, transform communities, shape the future of nations, reduce crime, improve behavior and increase ethical, democratic and racial tolerance. It is also a very powerful social force that challenges myths and stereotypes surrounding race, cultures and nationhood. Sports is a bridge head to cross all kind of barriers. Sports enhances academic performance and keep teenagers and youths at school. According to Anita de Frantz “It is a sophisticated form of thinking with which we use our brains to move our bodies through space”. It gives great joy. Sports is a universal language and a laboratory of life. Therefore, the morality of Sports is not determined by its activities but by the heart of the participant. Sports is morally and ethically neutral.

The internet is becoming the medium of choice for people looking to catch up on their favourable Television shows and watch new original content online. The growing number of individuals who would prefer turning to the internet for their Television entertainment has necessitated the creation of new contents and market.

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