Papilo Football Club Academy


Papilo academy was founded in 2000. it was established to groom young players and train them to become full grown pro footballers. just like the intention of the owner who is a product of an academy, that was what inspired him to establish the academy so that raw talents can be discovered from our localities.

it is interesting to note that since inception, the academy has developed a lot of players that have turned out to be national team players. Among them are kelechi iheanacho, chidiebere nwakali and a good number of them. Also, most of the academy players were injected and used to form the main Papilo Football Club team. The team in the space of three (3) years got promoted to Nigeria National League (NNL) division.

Right now, Papilo Football Club has established a relationship with Leeds United Football Club, United Kingdom(UK). Last year (2018), about four (4) players from Papilo Academy were invited to Leeds United Football Club for training and the development is to be sustained for 2019. The team will be playing in the Nationwide League One. We also secured another partnership with Vandrezzer Oil Services.

In conclusion, the team has really lived up to expectations and we intend to develop further, possibly to push the team to premier league in the shortest time.

In terms of finance, the proprietor (Kanu Nwankwo) has invested over 100 million naira since formation and we hope to complement his efforts by pushing the team further so that his aim of starting both the academy and the football club will be realized.

Major Achievements:

Papilo Football Club won the State FA Cup in 2016

Papilo Football Club got promoted to the National League from Nstionwide One in 2016

Two (2) times finalist in the state FA Cup.

Our Partnerships:

Papilo Football Academy is in partnership with LeedsUnited Club, England for training and development of players. The team is also in partnership with Vandrezzer Oil Services.

Our Mission:

To provide a breeding ground for future talents for Nigeria football and the world at large.

Our Vision:

To strengthen the Foundation of football at grassroot level in the context of a complex democratic society by promoting viable strategies of improving the Soccer standard of players and economic development.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. Help players find the course of training that will help them make a success of their career
  2. Breed a new generation of players that will harness their potential for future professional careers
  3. To provide a link and exposure necessary for the players to attain high level of professionalism.
  4. To prepare and expose young footballers to the right values and attitude that will enable them handle successful the physical and intellectual demand of professional football.

Our Training Philosophy:

Papilo Football Academy program recognizes the importance of individual skills through the combined exposure to national / international games, training and coaching.

The academy developes a unique training programs that offer players at all levels the abilities required to perform under pressure and advance to higher levels.

Our Winning Philosophy:

  1. Good Setting
  2. Confidence under pressure
  3. Proper channeling of efforts
  4. Building relationships with team mates
  5. Smarter rather than harder.


Papilo Football Academy was established in the year 2000 by Nwankwo Kanu, one of the greatest Footballer in Africa. Since inception the Academy has produced national and international players like Kelechi Iheancho, Chidiebere Nwakachi and a host of others.

Papilo Football Academy because the launch pad for the formation of Papilo Football Club that played in the Nigeria National League (NNL) division.


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